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TheBikeShieldApp v2.0 is currently available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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What is TheBikeShieldApp?

Simple and revolutionary, TheBikeShieldApp is a First Layer Crash Avoidance Technology mobile app which establishes communication between cars, motorcycles and bicycles that are sharing the road. When using this app, car drivers get an acoustic signal that warns them about approaching motorcycles and bicycles. These signals raise drivers’ awareness and reduce distracted maneuvers that may result in a fatal crash with motorcycles and bicycles.

It makes sense.

How many times have you been driving your car and all the sudden a motorcycle passes you, splitting lanes, catching you by surprise? Imagine if at that precise moment you decided to change lanes without paying too much attention…?

  • Creates a virtual Shield with just one tap
  • Simple and sleek user interface
  • Very easy to share with your contacts

How it Works

Motorcycles and Bicycles

As you ride, all the cars surrounding you that have the Shield activated will get an acoustic notification 5 to 10 seconds before they can even see or hear you. But remember, that should not make you lower your guard. Always be very careful.


When you begin driving your car, your phone will automatically activate the app using it's accelerometer. When you get an acoustic notification, just keep driving as you locate the bicycle or motorcycle. Simple, isn’t it?

App Features

Below are some of the many features in TheBikeShieldApp you will love.


Creates a virtual Shield with just one tap for your Bicycle, Motorcycle or Car


Receive acoustic and visual signals to car drivers when bicycles or motorcycles are within proximity

Users Map

Lets you visualize other users around you to establish safe routes

Trip Reports

Sends you reports with useful trip information

No Text Zone

Lets you disconnect your instant messaging services


iPhone, Android and Smart Gear Watch compatible

Let's grow the Shield Community

Ambassador Brief

The Shield Community is growing and we want you to be part of it. Become a Shield Ambassador and share TheBikeShieldApp with all the people you love. It doesn’t matter if you drive cars, ride bicycles or motorcycles. The more people use it, the safer the road will be for all of us.

Ambassador Rewards

  • Get special recognition on our wall of Ambassadors.
  • Receive free gear such as T-Shirts, stickers and gift cards.
  • Feel proud that you're helping keep our roads safe.

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About Us

The TDG Company is a startup created in 2014 by a group of enthusiastic cyclists and bikers from Los Angeles, California. That’s right, we love being on two wheels. We want to breathe cleaner air, we want to live in a less congested area and we want everyone to be happier. But, we want to do it safer. We’ve developed TheBikeShieldApp, a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system that takes advantage of your mobile phone's technology to warn car drivers when bicycles and motorcycles are around. It’s very simple.

Career Opportunities

We do not have any open position at this moment, but if you are passionate about riding bicycles and motorcycles, and you think you can help, please send us an email at:

True Angels & Investors:

TheBikeShieldApp is a free app. If you care about road safety and you want to help, please feel free to donate via PayPal through the following email address: If you are an investor and you'd like to learn more about the TDG Company, please contact us via email at:

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